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Church (X cent.) | Piazza Municipio - Scala

The Cathedral dates back to 987, when Scala became a bishop see. The original building corresponds to the present Crypt of Purgatory, while the rococo repairing and the belfry date back to 1700. The floor is in terracotta tiles and Neapolitan majolica of 1853 with the Scala coat of arms in the middle. The Cathedral keeps numerous and priceless treasures: the Holy Crucifix in gothic-romanic style; Marinella Rufolo’s funeral monument in polychrome stucco, ascribable to Tino Camaino’ s school; the Treasure Altar with a niche with nine polychrome wooden statues of Saints, each one preserving a relic; the big paintings on the ceiling by Cacciapuoti representing scene from San Lorenzo’s life.

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