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Archaeological excavation (X cent.) | Via S. Francesco

The Benedictine Monastery of the Holy Trinity, founded in 944, housed only young ladies from noble families provided with dowry, gaining in this way a remarkable estate. After the settlement of the Napoleonids in the Kingdom of Naples and the proclamation of the severe measures for the suppression of the holy orders, the Benedictine Monastery of the Holy Trinity too was deemed to closedown, since it did not reach the minimum allowable number of 12 nuns. The Provincial Committee resolved to suppress the Monastery, which at that time lodged only 4 nuns. The monastery was demolished bit by bit. Recent archaeological excavations brought to light part of the Benedictine Holy Trinity Convent. Of that glorious past only the foundations and part of the outlining walls are left. Nowadays the site is open to the public and hosts enhancement actions (exhibitions, didactic labs, happenings, etc.).