The Beauty is a compass and the Emotion an exclusive and refined sense of direction, to make your journey an incomparable one. Creating your unique map, departure and arrival points lose their importance, with a boundless desire to add always something more, being meticulous to do not miss any precious detail: from the the stones’ cut design to the fusion of scents in the streets. Always something unexpected, astonishing, surprising. At each corner, a mistery which aims directly to the heart. The only effort requested to whom arrives for the first time is just to choose a direction. And, like on a stage, the Beauty replicates once again its drama. The curtain rises: the Duomo is the protagonist who dominates the nature, while the daylight breaks against its stately but graceful walls. Not far, the severe gate of the Villa Rufolo, which attracts like a mermaid made of stone, an invite which is impossible to refuse. The street leading to Villa Cimbrone, instead, weaves a colourful embroydery made of people living their everyday life and the trading noises, while it requires a little effort before to enjoy the award of an uncomparable view. A different choice of direction conducts to the steps leading to the garden of the Principessa di Piemonte, where the sea becomes a recall, a desire of reaching and discovery.
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