The nature means discovery and surprise. Between Ravello and the nature there is an ancient and secret agreement, an eternal marriage with an incommensurable dowry. Going along a path, climbing one of the many steps which cut the villages like tongues, being surprised that every step further represents a little balcony on the infinite, discovering the labyrinth of mule-tracks engraved in the rocks like scars made by the time and the experiences are only few of the gifts of this Coast. Because each corner hides its treasure, which could be a grotto between the lemon trees, a shady oath through the vineyards or a cave of stone overlooking the sea. So the trekking becomes an almost metaphysical experience. The sea represents a conquest because it is not so easy to reach it: the beaches, like fortress es made of water and stones are defended by the mighty embrace of the mountains and the real conquest is the endurance to look for and desire them so much to never surrender.
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