At the beginning, it is only a thin brighter stripe on the top of the blood contained in the ancient ampulla: with the miracle of the blood which becomes alive again, Ravello celebrates its patron, the martyr San Pantaleone. A young Catholic doctor, the saint was killed in Nicomedia on the 27th of July 305, during the persecutions of the Roman emperor Diocleziano. The faith assumes form of a praying crowd in procession, under the fascinated sight of the tourists, who partecipate to the feast and enjoy the wonderful fireworks, a colourful rain from the sky. In the same way, every October the 26th, Ravello renovates its devotion to the blessed Bonaventura from Potenza, a Franciscan monk, who lived here witnessing his faith donating himself to poor and needy people. His body lies under the main altar of the peaceful church of San Francesco. At the end of June, many pilgrims from Potenza, his birthplace, come here bringing the holy oil which nourishes his votive lamp. In a Sanctuary mounted in the rock with a wonderful terrace facing the sea, Ravello pays homage to the Saints Cosma and Damiano, two doctors who lived in Arabia and learned the medical arts in Syria, using their talent to heal sufferers. In Torello, a fabulous Ravello’ suburb, the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, at the beginning of September, becomes an exhibition of devotion. Having the Coastline as natural background, a white torchlight lights up the walls of the little houses with waterfalls of colourful fireworks in the sky.
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