RavelloSense takes rise from the evocative and inscrutable sensation of possession and farwell which pervades Ravello and from the necessity to make all this enjoyable to the tourist. A Union of the main tourist and commercial promoters between Ravello and Scala, on the Amalfi Coast, which embraces the best hotels, bed&brekfasts, restaurants, handmade local factories, all with a long and ancient tradition. And more, events, religious and culinary traditions. Ravello Sense’s purpose is not to lead the journey, where the only guide here is the beauty, but to accompany the traveler and to involve him into a flow of growing emotions, with a constant synesthesia with the nature. Here, where dawn’s rays are silent, the rustle of the wind is sweetly pungent because of lemons’ scent, the sounds are green on the terraces climbed on the hills and the sunsets are pulsing and intense, like the music score of a perfect solo.